Harley Bastien

President, Harmony Walkers, Inc.
Calgary, Alberta

Mr. Harley Bastien resides on the Piikani Reservation where he was born. He was raised in the Oldman river valley and continues to call the river valley home. He was taught by his parents and grandparents how to live in harmony and balance with nature and how to live off the land. Today, Mr. Bastien still lives a subsistence lifestyle of harvesting nature’s bounties.

Mr. Bastien’s upbringing and closeness to the land inspired him to embark on a career in environmental protection. In his earlier years, he was involved in the oil and gas industry that included oil well drilling and pipeline construction and other related components of the industry. It was during this time Mr. Bastien became aware of the neglect and negative effects to Mother earth by development that prompted him to make a career change. In 1990, he began working in the environmental protection industry.

Mr. Bastien’s involvement in the environmental industry includes: consulting, volunteer work and sitting on advisory boards and panels for various environmental groups and organizations, including First Nations, Provincial and Federal governments and NGOs both nationally and internationally.

In 2002, he founded Harmony Walkers Inc. (HWI), an environmental consulting company that provides environmental services nationally and internationally. HWI offers a unique conceptual approach to environmental protection by combining Traditional Knowledge and modern science. HWI has provided services in Canada, United States, China and the Netherlands.