Elmer Ghostkeeper

Elder and Council member
Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement

Elmer was born February 1st, 1947 to parents Adolphus and Elsie Ghostkeeper at the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement, Alberta, Canada. He is Métis and speaks fluent Michif the language of Métis people. He is a Spiritualist, a father, a grandfather, a teacher, a student, a learner, a philosopher and an entrepreneur.

His view is every day is a gift that teaches him something about life and who he is. His daily challenge is to be loving, enjoying, balancing, happy, healthy, solving a life puzzle, respecting and being grateful. He lives in the moment by incorporating yesterday’s experiences into a plan for today’s activities.

His work is Weche Teachings, a partnership of Aboriginal Wisdom and Western Scientific Knowledge, Wisescience, he models to understand and solve modern day puzzles effecting Aboriginal People.