Athabasca River upstream of Mountain Rapids; Photo Credit: Brian Jackson

The projects approved under the 2021-22 Ambient Environment Monitoring Plan for Oil Sands Development are presented here: 2021-22 Approved Oil Sands Monitoring Plan.  Please click the title of each project below to access the complete work plans.

Activity Name Amounts Approved (June 4, 2021)
Air & Deposition Monitoring (Core)  
Atmospheric Pollutant Active Monitoring Network $11,541,094
Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Monitoring $4,713,968
Sub-Total $16,255,062
Water Monitoring (Core)  
Surface Water Quantity Monitoring – Water Levels and Flows $1,786,633
Surface Water Quality $5,742,748
Aquatic Ecosystem Health Monitoring – Integrated CBM $1,659,016
Core Biodiversity Monitoring – Benthic Macroinvertebrates $2,169,483
Core Long-Term Fish Monitoring $1,403,783
Sub-Total $12,761,663
Water Monitoring (FS)  
Enhanced Monitoring of the Lower Athabasca River $1,204,312
Quantifying changes in biological and water quality endpoints in lakes located in the AOSR utilizing historical datasets alongside contemporary data from automated monitoring systems $69,849
Sub-Total $1,274,161
Biodiversity Monitoring (Core)  
Integrated Terrestrial Biological Monitoring $5,538,478
Sub-Total $5,538,478
Wetlands Monitoring (Core)  
Wetland Ecosystem Monitoring Program $1,426,539
Sub-Total $1,426,539
Groundwater Monitoring (Core)  
Groundwater Monitoring $2,056,038
Sub-Total $2,056,038
Data Management, Integrated Analytics, & Cumulative Effects  
OSM Data Services $1,783,078
Data and Integrated Analytics TAC Scoping $73,514
OSM Monitoring Framework $139,154
Sub-Total $1,995,746
Cross Cutting Projects  
Integrated Geospatial Program $262,896
State of Environment Reporting $141,420
Sub-Total $404,316
Community Based Monitoring  
Air Quality Monitoring in the Peace Athabasca Delta $105,475
Fort McKay Métis Community-Based Wetland Monitoring $245,586
Athabasca Aquatic Monitoring Program $48,922
ICBM Facilitation Centre $1,125,196
Lakeland Metis Community Based Wildlife Monitoring Program $48,922
Ni ho ghe di – Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Community Based Monitoring $391,372
Changes in Fish Tissue: IK and Western Science investigation $179,162
McMurray Metis Data Integration $146,719
Metis Fish Health Assessment $140,731
CLFN Integrated Community Based Monitoirng Program $481,108
Community Led Berry Contamination Study $97,843
Mikisew Cree First Nation – Community Based Monitoring $342,451
Peavine Hydrology $48,922
Sub-Total $3,402,409
Oil Sands Monitoring Program Office  
OSM Program Office – Program Administration $3,171,999
OSM Science Secretariat & ICBMAC $1,630,589
Sub-Total $4,802,588
Grand Total $49,917,000