Oil Sands Monitoring

Information on the condition of the environment in the oil sands region is gathered, managed and analysed under the coordination of the Environmental Monitoring and Science Division in collaboration with other regional, provincial and federal organizations.

Barred Owl Monitoring with Lefty

Lefty is a barred owl (Strix varia), which is a species of special concern1 in Alberta. While barred owls are found throughout the province, from the boreal forest to the foothills and Rocky Mountains, they are of particular interest in the Oil Sands region. “These owls are more sensitive to human disturbance,” explains wildlife monitoring […]

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Better Environment Management Through Monitoring: The Story of the Yellow Rail in the Lower Athabasca

“The approval holder shall provide a plan or participate in the development of a plan for the monitoring and mitigation of the Yellow Rail (Coturnicops noveboracensis) by [given date] to the satisfaction of the Director…” – Approval condition for oil sands mine project The Yellow Rail is a secretive, nocturnal wetland bird. It’s currently listed […]

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Oil Sand Monitoring Symposium: Program

Tuesday, February 24th Welcome and opening remarks Jay Nagendran, President & CEO, AEMERA Keynote Address: How science can inform policy and decision-making Dr. Lorne Taylor, Board Chair, AEMERA Overview of the Joint Canada-Alberta Implementation Plan for Oil Sands Monitoring Prasad Valupadas, AEMERA and David Boerner, Environment Canada theme 1: pressures and stressors session 1: emissions […]

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