Knowledge for a Changing Environment: 2019-2024 Science Strategy             









The 2019-2024 Science Strategy sets the strategic direction for Alberta’s environmental monitoring and science program and identifies five priority areas to advance through an integrated, adaptive, and collaborative environmental science program.

The five priority areas identified in the Science Strategy are:

  1. Biological and ecological change
  2. Consequences of a changing and variable climate
  3. Condition and sustainability of Alberta’s water resources
  4. Chemical contaminants and biological stressors in the environment
  5. Environmental responses to natural resource development

The Science Strategy provides the direction and approach to:

  • address key environmental information needs of multiple users
  • deliver transparent, sound and trustworthy science on environmental conditions
  • braid Indigenous knowledge with classical science through knowledge co-production
  • share scientifically sound information with decision makers so they can address provincial environmental challenges.

Successful implementation of the Science Strategy will require collaborative working relationships with others including academia, Indigenous communities, non-profit organizations, the research and innovation community, stakeholders and relevant provincial and federal government departments.

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