AEMERA @ LICA’s Annual General Meeting

The Lakeland Industry and Community Association (LICA) is an important working partner in the AEMERA Oil Sands Monitoring Program.

AEMERA President and CEO Jay Nagendran had the pleasure of attending their Annual General Meeting and 15th Anniversary Celebration at the Bonnyville Senior’s Drop-in centre on Thursday, April 23rd.

The Annual General Meeting provided an excellent opportunity to hear about the organization’s successes and its plans for the future. It also allowed Jay and Bob Myrick, Acting Head of Monitoring, to meet with community members, hear their concerns, and answer their questions about AEMERA. In his presentation, Jay provided an update on AEMERA and talked about the future of environmental monitoring, including exploring new technologies and systems, and how we can better engage communities and citizens in gathering data and information about the conditions of the environment.

“I believe the talk went well,” says Nagendran, “It was good to meet the people who are contributing to and committed to helping us build and manage a strong and effective environmental monitoring system.”