New AEMERA Mascot?

Meghan Anderson with Penn, the penne pasta loving kitten!

Being an AEMERA field staff is an exciting job. You get to spend your days in nature, enjoying the environment while monitoring it. Sometimes you may even get to interact with the wildlife. In this case, the wildlife was a stray kitten.

Two weeks ago while out on a routine surface water quality trip, AEMERA Water Quality Technicians Tori Slobodzian and Meghan Anderson found a stray kitten under a bridge near Drumheller.

Nervous and fearful, Tori and Meghan lured the hungry kitten out with the promise of food. Unlike Garfield and his lasagna, this little kitty had an appetite for penne pasta! It took some time and patience, but they finally managed to lure him close enough to pick up. Tori and Meghan nicknamed him Penn after the penne noodles he devoured. They kept a close eye and tight grip on their new friend, and after a tense car ride – he wouldn’t let go of Meghan’s sweater – they took him to the Drumheller & District Humane Society.

While Penn had a bad case of ear mites, he recovered well and we are happy to report that Penn has officially joined the AEMERA family. Tori adopted him and he is now very happy, safe and loved in his new home!

We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the importance of spraying and neutering your pets, and thank the Drumheller & District Humane Society for all the work they do to help these animals.

Little Penn enjoying his new home