2017-2018 Ambient Environment Monitoring Plan for Oil Sands Development

**OSM Annual Report 2017-2018_signed by AEP and ECCC Co-Chairs – posted Oct 19/18**

The projects approved under the 2017-2018 Ambient Environment Monitoring Plan for Oil Sands Development are presented here. Please click the title of each project below to access the complete work plans. The projects approved for implementation in  2017-2018 continues monitoring activities implemented since 2012 through the 2012-2015 Joint Canada-Alberta Implementation Plan for Oil Sands Monitoring (OSM).


Long Term Monitoring – Surveillance

Projects Activity Type Amount
Atmospheric Pollutant Active Monitoring Network $10,093,738
Atmospheric Pollutant Passive Monitoring Network   $182,000
Atmospheric Pollutant Deposition Monitoring Network – To Forest Ecosystems   $1,634,050
Meteorological Network   $209,000
Atmospheric Pollutant Deposition Monitoring-Lakes and Snowpacks   $546,000
Surface Water Quantity Monitoring – Water Level and Flows   $2,815,000
Surface Water Quality Monitoring   $5,750,688
Groundwater Monitoring   $600,000
Regional Terrestrial/Aquatic Monitoring – Status and Trends   $5,000,000
Regional Habitat Disruption Monitoring – Status and Trends of Footprint   $310,000
Focal Plants Monitoring   $155,000
Total $27,295,476


Long Term Monitoring – Effects

Projects Activity Type Amount
Quantifying Risk from Oil Sands Mining to Endangered Whooping Cranes $126,000
Biotic Response of Focal Wildlife to Habitat Disturbance   $1,137,872
Biodiversity Monitoring of Benthic Macro Invertebrates   $1,426,956
Biotic Response of Ungulates to Oil Sands Activity   $380,000
Fish Health Monitoring   $1,090,000
Monitoring Targeted Biodiversity   $300,000
Acid Sensitive Lakes Monitoring   $169,000
Total $4,629,828


Focus Study: Community Monitoring

Projects Activity Type Amount
Community Ambient Air Odour Study    $250,000
Acute Odour Monitoring Network Pilot Study  cutmypic   $250,000
Community-Based Fish Monitoring Pilot Project  cutmypic   $354,000
Community Led Berry Contamination Study  cutmypic   $384,000
Environmental Monitoring Technician Training Program Pilot  cutmypic   $159,000
Culturally Important Wetland Plants  cutmypic   $353,000
Total $1,750,000


Focused Study: Program Design and Method Development

Projects Activity Type Amount
Method Comparison of Wet Precipitation (NADP vs AB) cutmypic $25,000
Atmospheric Process Study – Deposition and Effects cutmypic $1,575,900
Ambient Air Monitoring Network Optimization cutmypic $123,000
Atmospheric Process Study – OS Air Pollution Emissions Transformation and Fate cutmypic $2,000,000
Atmospheric Process Study – Enhanced Ground-based Monitoring Oski-otin monitoring site cutmypic $1,110,000
Integrated Deposition Monitoring Design cutmypic $127,000
Develop Methods to Measure Tailings Pond Emissions cutmypic $350,000
Boreal Caribou Census through DNA Estimates cutmypic $380,000
Biotic Health and Biodiversity Monitoring (Method development to establish a long-term monitoring design)  cutmypic $50,000
Forest Health Monitoring Program Design Review cutmypic $532,000
Develop an Accredited Standard Method for Quantitative Analysis of Naphthenic Acids Concentrations cutmypic $390,000
Develop Quantitave Methods to Monitor Tailing Pond Seepage cutmypic $250,000
Representative Sub-Basin Studies – Ells and Steepbank Rivers (REPs) cutmypic $278,000
Assessment of GW Monitoring – Towards a Comprehensive GW Monitoring Strategy-Design cutmypic $200,000
Design of Deltaic Wetland Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program cutmypic $402,000
Remote sensing wetland ecosystem change detection method development cutmypic $198,970
New Wetland Ecosystem Monitoring cutmypic $1,229,583
Total $9,221,453


Focused Study: Investigation of Cause

Projects Activity Type Amount
Ambient Air Quality Surveillance – Beaver River Valley cutmypic $68,000
Atmospheric Deposition – Identification of Sources of Contaminants in Snowpack and Lake Sediments cutmypic $230,000
Monitoring Benthic-Macro Invertebrates – Investigation of Cause of Nutrients Signatures in the Athabasca River cutmypic $101,000
Colonial Waterbirds Monitoring: Temporal and Spatial Patterns in Mercury Levels in Gull and Tern Eggs and Possible Underlying Factors cutmypic $335,000
Wildlife Contaminants and Toxicology – Investigation of Pathophysiological Effects cutmypic $494,000
Correlation of Anthropogenic Stressors with Changes in Water Quality (Tributary Systems) cutmypic $178,000
Waterfowl Effects Based Assessment cutmypic $120,000
Amphibian and Wetland Health – Investigation of Wetland Ecosystem Health cutmypic $424,000
Total $1,950,000


Focused Study: Establishing Reference Conditions

Projects Activity Type Amount
Airborne GHG Emission Measurements (NASA-NOAA) cutmypic $530,000
Benthic Biodiversity – Baseline work in the Oil Sands Regions – Cold Lake and Peace River cutmypic $214,000
Monitoring Fish Communities cutmypic $260,000
Total $1,004,000


Data Management, Evaluation, Reporting

Projects Activity Type Amount
Standard Operating Procedures for Monitoring-Collating and Auditing $250,000
AEP Data Management System & Portal $530,000
AEP Asset Management System $107,000
AEP Data Management Program $821,500
ECCC Data Publishing and Improvements to Standardization, Storage and Master Data Management $385,000
Import RAMP data to AEP Data System $465,000
AEP Portfolio-Project Management System $123,000
OS External Collaboration System $48,000
Develop Environmental Predictions Framework $110,000
Big Data Environmental Analytics – Integrated Geospatial Environmental Analytics of OSM Data $95,500
Reporting Ambient Monitoring Results – Air Evaluation Integration Synthesis and Reporting- Technical Audience $180,000
Reporting Ambient Monitoring Results – Watershed Evaluation and Integration $57,000
Integration & Evaluation – Ecosystem Health Integration and Synthesis  $200,000
Total $3,372,000


Oil Sands Program Office

Projects Activity Type Amount
Reporting Ambient Monitoring Results – General Audience $150,000
Reporting to Communities on Monitoring Results $150,000
Work Planning for 2018-19 – Multi-Stakeholder Workshops $250,000
Secretariat Support – ECCC & AEP $1,200,000
Oil Sands Science Symposium $235,000
Capital Purchase (New) $1,000,000
Indigenous Participation(New) $1,000,000
Total $3,985,000



Summary of Allocations by Thematic Areas Amount
Core OSM Activities Total for Long Term Monitoring – Surveillance $27,295,476
Total for Long Term Monitoring – Effects $4,629,828
Total for Community Monitoring $1,750,000
Total for Focus Study – Program Design $9,221,453
Total for Focus Study – Investigation of Cause $1,950,000
Total for Focus Study – Establishing Reference Conditions $1,004,000
Total for Data Management, Evaluation, Reporting $3,372,000
Sub Total $49,222,757
Program Coordination Total for Oil Sands Program Office $3,985,000
Grand Total $53,207,757