Photo: Brian Jackson

The projects approved under the 2019-20 Ambient Environment Monitoring Plan for Oil Sands Development are presented here: 2019-20 DM Approved OSM Monitoring Plan

Activity Name Amounts Approved (July 8, 2019)
Atmospheric Pollutant Active Monitoring Network $10,377,444
Understanding OS Air pollution emissions, transformation and fate $1,000,000
Atmospheric Process Research – Enhanced Ground-Based Monitoring – Oski-otin Monitoring Site $1,399,524
Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Monitoring $3,289,333
Air & Deposition Monitoring Total $16,066,301
Surface Water Quantity Monitoring -Water Levels and Flows $2,400,000
Aquatic Ecosystem Health Monitoring $7,972,105
Enhanced monitoring of the Lower Athabasca $1,208,076
Naphthenic Acids Standards Reference Material $251,318
Water Monitoring Total $11,831,499
Groundwater Monitoring $1,234,400
Groundwater Monitoring Total $1,234,400
Fish Health Monitoring $1,461,585
Integrated Terrestrial Biological Monitoring $6,382,137
Monitoring Benthic Macroinvertebrates: Investigation of Cause of Nutrient-Contaminant Signatures in the Athabasca River $84,425
Colonial Waterbirds Monitoring: Temporal and Spatial Patterns in Mercury Levels in Gull and Tern Eggs and Possible Underlying Factors $343,052
Biodiversity Monitoring Total $8,271,199
Completing the Design of a Deltaic Wetland Ecosystem Health Monitoring Program $399,986
New Wetland Ecosystem Monitoring $2,257,907
Wetlands Monitoring Total $2,657,893
Strengthen Community Reporting of Odours – Ambient Air Odour Study $53,962
Community Based Fish Monitoring $388,500
Community Led Berry Contamination Study $496,196
Where are the Freshwater Clams? An Exploration Using Community-Based Methodologies Linking Indigenous Knowledge and Western Science Knowledge Systems to Land Use Decision- Making – Year 3 $324,993
Real-time Lake Water Quality Monitoring – Alberta Oil Sands Region $483,224
CPDFN Monitoring within the Christina River Watershed $203,230
Ni ho ghe di – Watching the Land – Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Community Based Monitoring Program $300,000
Mikisew Cree First Nation – Community Based Monitoring $350,000
Community Based Monitoring Total $2,600,105
OSM Data Management System & Portal $1,500,000
GIS Data Management and Modelling Environment $300,000
OSM ECCC Data Management, Analytics and Prediction $300,000
Integrated Analytics and Reporting on Environmental Condition in the Oil Sands Region $2,200,000
Acquisition of Aerial High- Resolution Digital Ground Terrain Information in the Peace Athabasca Delta $713,856
OSM Geospatial Program Development $1,350,000
Defining limits of change – fish health and air quality $100,000
Predictive Integrated Environmental Modelling System (IEMS) for Oil Sands Region of Alberta $800,000
WBAP Oil Sands Fluid Tailings Risk Assessment $100,000
Surface Water Quality: limits of change $234,000
Meteorological Monitoring under Oil Sands Monitoring Program $450,000
Cross Cutting Projects Total $8,047,856
Administration (OSM Program Office) $2,478,437
OSM Science Secretariat and ICBMAC $4,900,000
OSM Program Service Delivery & Support $150,000
Program Administration Total $7,528,437