The projects approved under the 2020-21 Ambient Environment Monitoring Plan for Oil Sands Development are presented here: 2020-21 Approved OSM monitoring plan.

Activity Name Amounts Approved (June 30, 2020)
Atmospheric Pollutant Active Monitoring Network $12,467,591
Integrated Atmospheric Deposition Monitoring $2,700,000
Air & Deposition Monitoring (Core) $15,167,591
Air Quality Monitoring in the Peace Athabasca Delta $114,945
Understanding OS Air pollution emissions, transformation and fate $911,598
Meteorological monitoring under Oil Sands Monitoring Program $434,220
Air & Deposition Monitoring (FS) $1,460,763
Aquatic Ecosystem Health Monitoring $4,677,560
Surface Water Quantity Monitoring – Water Levels and Flows $2,062,000
Water Monitoring (Core) $6,739,560
Differentiating industrial and natural sources of bitumen: determining risks of seepage, and development of standards and Reference Materials $665,504
Representative Sub-basin Studies -Ells and Steepbank Rivers (REPs) $97,500
Water Monitoring (FS) $763,004
Integrated Terrestrial Biological Monitoring $4,153,844
Biodiversity Monitoring (Core) $4,153,844
Wetland Ecosystem Monitoring Program $560,000
Wetlands Monitoring (Core) $560,000
Groundwater Monitoring $1,000,000
Groundwater Monoitoring (Core) $1,000,000
OSM Geospatial Program Development $1,593,169
Acquisition of Aerial High Resolution Digital Ground Terrain Information in the Peace Athabasca Delta $290,899
Data Management, Integrated Analytics, & Cumulative Effects $1,884,068
Fort McKay Métis Community-Based Wetland Monitoring $206,300
Indigenous Water Quality Criteria Development – Phase 2 $212,448
Ni ho ghe di – Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation Community Based Monitoring $400,000
Changes in Fish Tissue: IK and Western Science investigation. $200,795
Where are the Freshwater Clams? An Exploration Using a Community-Based Participatory Approach to Braid lndigenous Knowledge and Western Science Knowledge Systems to Understand Freshwater Clam Health in the Lower Athabasca Region $65,000
CLFN integrated Community Based Monitoirng Program $240,030
Community Led Berry Contamination Study $300,000
Mikisew Cree First Nation – Community Based Monitoring $350,000
Safe to Harvest: Analysis of Fish Health Through a Métis Lens $100,000
Community Based Monitoring $2,074,573
OSM Program Office – Program Administration $2,219,349
OSM Science Secretariat & ICBMAC $2,839,016
Integrated Analytics and Reporting on Environmental Condition in the Oil Sands Region $1,815,297
OSM Data Services $2,843,385
Advancing Indigenous Community Based Monitoring in the OSM Program (New) $394,000
Oil Sands Program Office $10,111,047
Grand Total $43,914,450