Partnering with Inside Education: Advancing Water Education Together

“I cannot possibly describe in words just how awesome this experience was for the students and myself. Living in Fort Chip, our students rarely get the opportunity to take part in something like this. In fact, I can honestly say that this event and the great people involved somehow managed to bring out a side of my students that I didn’t know existed – for that we are truly grateful.”

– Navigate 2016 participant, teacher Benjamin Martin

Inside Education - Westwood teachers and students

The Westwood teachers and students at the Navigate 2016 Youth Water and Environmental Leadership Summit in Canmore

Inside Education recently hosted a Navigate 2016 Youth Water and Environmental Leadership Summit. We were delighted to partner with the Environmental Monitoring and Science Division (formerly AEMERA), who provided full scholarships for teams from two high schools from the oil sands region: Athabasca Delta Community School in Fort Chipewyan and Westwood Community High School in Fort McMurray. These schools joined students and teachers from across the province for a weekend in Canmore to learn about the science, issues, innovations and careers related to Alberta’s water.

As the ones who will ultimately be entrusted with the future of our water, Inside Education believes it is crucial to provide students with hands-on learning experiences. A program like Navigate challenges them to consider multiple perspectives and to think critically. Not content with sitting back and waiting to become future leaders, it is our experience that they are eager to become stewards of our province’s environment and natural resources today.

Given their demonstrated passion, we challenge the Navigate teams to return home and share their learning by implementing action projects in their schools and communities. These Leadership Projects give them the opportunity to make a significant contribution towards water education and stewardship.

The two Navigate teams supported by the Environmental Monitoring and Science Division have taken our challenge and already started to cause ripples back home. Athabasca Delta is currently designing a project to educate the local elementary school students about the importance of water conservation. The students from Westwood are making their peers aware of their individual water footprints and giving them practical ideas for reducing it. We look forward to hearing the successes of these projects as they unfold.

Thank you for supporting Navigate and helping to make such meaningful learning experiences happen! We look forward to working with you on many more exciting opportunities for teachers and students.

AEMERA Communications Director Melissa Pennel and the Athabasca Delta team at the Navigate 2016 Youth Water and Environmental Leadership Summit gala

The Athabasca Delta team and Communications Director Melissa Pennell at the Navigate 2016 Youth Water and Environmental Leadership Summit gala