Did you know….

Limber pine2

Limber pine, Photo Credit: Maurya Braun

…these five interesting facts about Limber Pine (Pinus flexilis)?

  1. They have needles that come out in bunches of five.
  2. They tend to be stumpy and twisted, due to their ability to withstand considerable bending. As a result, they often do well in avalanche paths. Their flexibility is the reason for their name –  Pinus flexilis.
  3. They are on the list of species at risk in Alberta.
  4. Because they can survive in very dry environments, they can live to be very old. One specimen in central Idaho was 1650 years old.
  5. Clark’s nutcrackers cache the seeds of Limber Pine. These remarkable birds can carry up to 125 Limber Pine seeds per trip in a special pouch under their tongue. They will carry them at least 23 km to a communal caching area.