Photo: Brian Jackson

Alberta Environmental Monitoring, Evaluation & Reporting Information Service (AEMERIS)

AEMERIS is an initial information-sharing platform designed to provide access to data on key ambient air, water, land and biodiversity indicators and related provincial environmental information and reporting data.

Through AEMERIS, users can access information in a variety of ways, including by medium (air, water; land; biodiversity), and geographically within a provincial land use regional planning context. In some areas of reporting, in addition to providing real-time data reporting from provincial monitoring situations, the information is presented in relation to specific indicators. For example, air quality information is reported in context of the Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) across the province.

Oil Sands Monitoring Program – Data Portal 

Recommended browsers: (Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge), basic portal navigation instructions.

Please note the Oil Sands Monitoring (OSM) Data portal at this time contains OSM Water Quality data from April 01, 2017 to current. Other media datasets will be added in the near future to provide central access to all OSM datasets.

In the meantime, for other datasets please continue visiting portals or websites such as:


Environment and Climate Change Canada (