1.1  Better estimates of geography-based emissions from the oil sands

George Marson, Environment Canada







Several existing sources of emissions data were examined and compared for the purpose of quantifying emissions of atmospheric pollutants from the oil sands area. The geographical coverage of the review corresponds to the Alberta Energy Regulator defined Athabasca, Cold Lake and Peace River areas.

Emissions from three specific categories are discussed:

a)   mine vehicle fleet;

b)   conventional heavy oil extraction; and

c)   conventional gas extraction and processing. Similarities and differences between data sources

vary with category and substances. Overall there is no single data source that could provide best emission estimates for all substances or categories.

Not all data sources may have been reviewed; next steps will consist of addressing potential gaps.


George Marson is a chemical engineer that specialized in the measurement and continuous monitoring of emissions from industrial processes. In this capacity, he has worked 34 years with engineering companies; and provincial and

federal regulatory agencies. Currently, George is a Program Engineer at Environment Canada. He is an Ontario registered Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) and an emeritus member of the Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA).